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Turn to Industrial Maintenance Solutions, when you need maintenance and fabrication services for your business. We proudly serve clients throughout the Southeast, and our technicians are always ready to help with your industrial needs. We are fully equipped to handle any maintenance project and will ensure that your manufacturing or other industrial operations are running at peak performance

Furthermore, we can help improve your industrial processes' efficiency by offering various automation services for your systems. By automating your equipment and processes, you can help improve the overall output of your industrial applications. Contact us to learn more about our maintenance, fabrication, and automation solutions.

Handling Both Electrical and Mechanical Work

At our company, we are proud to offer both electrical and mechanical services for your industrial requirements. This allows our technicians to work on all aspects of your industrial equipment, from maintaining and repairing motors to setting up and configuring control circuits.

By working on both mechanical and electrical projects, our team can ensure that your equipment is ready to meet your industrial processes' requirements. So, when you need a skilled team to handle an electromechanical project for your company, trust Industrial Maintenance Solutions to take care of the work.

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(800) 790-9496

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday: 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday, Sunday: Closed
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Your Source for Industrial Fabrication in the Southeast

When converting your manufacturing process to an automated system, you will often need specialized parts and components to complete the transition. Industrial Maintenance Solutions is here to provide what you need. We offer various services for industrial fabrication in the Southeast, providing you with the solutions you need to design and build your new equipment and structural upgrades.  

Our experienced team has the tools and resources needed to handle any custom fabrication project and will work to ensure your new systems are ready to meet the needs of your business. Contact our office to learn more about our fabrication solutions or to discuss your project with our team.

Providing Structural Enhancements

When installing new industrial equipment, you will often need to make structural improvements to your existing facilities. This can include installing new guard rails and safety devices around your equipment as well as catwalks and walkways to safely get around your production area. That is why our company offers structural fabrication solutions to design and build these updates for your business. With the support of our team, we will help you keep your manufacturing facility running efficiently while ensuring your employees are safe while working around the equipment. So, when you need custom industrial fabrication solutions for your new equipment or structural enhancements, trust our team to deliver the support you require.