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Your Partner for Electrical Maintenance

Ensure your equipment and electrical systems are ready to meet the demands of your business by choosing the technicians at Industrial Maintenance Solutions. We offer comprehensive solutions for electrical maintenance, covering everything from Electrical repairs to in-depth electrical inspections designed to prevent your equipment from electrical failure . With our support, we will ensure that your equipment meets the electrical requirements to operate efficiently for your operation, minimize electrical failure and provide solutions that meets the needs of tomorrow. Contact us to learn more about the electrical services we have to offer or schedule a visit from our skilled electricians.

Complete Electrical Services

Whether you need to install a new control room or power a new section of your operation our team is always ready to handle the work. Our vast chain of distribution allows us to minimize cost and keep projects moving forward. With multiple services that include Industrial Lighting, Motor Rewind and advanced electrical inspections we able to pinpoint trouble areas and provide solutions designed to meet you needs as you grow.

Identifying root cause issues in a timely manner and providing the proper solutions can save the loss of down time and loss of production. We invest in the most talented technicians in the market to ensure every time you call were prepared to service at the highest level possible. Providing our team with the tools they need to properly and quickly troubleshoot electrical issues is critical to our success.


Thermal Imaging Inspections

How would you like to identify electrical issue before they present a problem? Utilizing thermal imaging technology, we perform in depth electrical inspections to pinpoint hot spots in your electrical systems. Armed with this information you will be able to correct issues prior to incurring down time or causing damage to electrical equipment. This investment is a preventive measure that identifies issues prior to incurring repairs and loss of production. 

You can expect to see the return on your investment with a thermal imaging inspection. When you compair the cost of a Thermal Imaging inspection to the cost of loss of production it dose not take long to see the value of the inspection. When critical equipment in your production process matters call the Industrial Maintenace Solutions team and we will design a inspection program around your needs. 

Thermal Imaging Inspection Thermal Imaging Inspection

Thermal Imaging Inspection

Industrial Lighting

Upgrading your existing lighting or planning on future expansions can be an expensive investment. Choosing the correct lights for your application can determine the cost of your initial investment and more importantly the annual cost to light your facility. It is important to choose the correct light specific to your application. With lighting solutions ranging from LED and Fluorescent options to low bay / high bay light options it can be a time-consuming take to sort through the options. Below is a list of solutions you now have available through Industrial Maintenance Solutions.

Industrial Lighting

  • Led High Bay Lighting
  • Tight Fixtures
  • Industrial Strip Lights
  • Shop Lights
  • Vapro
  • Explosion Proof Lights
Industrial Lighting

  • Flood Lights
  • Lot Flood Lights
  • Wall Packs
  • Lighting Automation
  • Paking