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Our Team Provides Durable Structural Fabrication

Does your facility have the infrastructure it needs for you and your crew to do effective work? If you cannot immediately answer yes, your building probably lacks elements that would help you do a better job. Improve your facility with structural fabrication  from Industrial Maintenance Solutions.

Our experienced industrial contractors can fulfill your requests for various types of custom fabrication. If your facility needs extra storage space, we can design, build, and install elements such as die racks and other shelving. You can also rely on us to fabricate platforms designed to hold equipment of all sizes and provide you with convenient access to it.

We know that many plant managers like an overhead view of their staff at work. A custom mezzanine will provide the bird’s-eye perspective you want, and we can design and install one based on your specifications. Similarly, we can build a catwalk that makes it easy for you to move from one point to another without having to navigate around machinery on your facility’s ground floor.

The elements we design, build, and install for you feature quality materials and craftsmanship. Reach out to our fabrication experts for a consultation about your specific structural fabrication requirements.